Customers should drive all product decisions

…so why not ask them directly?

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ProductHub is one centeralized location for
all your feature requests.

Make it easy for users to tell you what they want

Quick and Easy Feedback

Instead of sending users to an email form or messenger, let them vote on features. They can give valuable feedback with minimal effort.

• Merge duplicate feedback
• Voting and commenting on requests
• Users can track requests to stay up to date

Close the feedback loop

Increase retention by engaging with your users publicly and showing them that you care.

• Have public discussions about what matters to your users
• Send targeted messages to your users based on the features they care about
• Enable transparent communication about what your team is working on

Powerful Analytics

Not all customers are created equal. It's important context to know who is giving you feedback.

• Get insight into who your users are and what kind of users are requesting a specific feature
• Prioritize features based on your target users
• Easily track what features matter to which users

Nothing is more expensive than building the
wrong product.

Start building the features customers want today.



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